Program Coordinator for the UVIC, East Kootenay Teacher Education Program, Diana Dearden spoke to locals at the open house about opportunities in Teacher Education through COTR and UVIC (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)

Kimberley COTR hosts first annual open house

An opportunity to learn about COTR programming in Kimberley and region-wide

Every year, the College of the Rockies (COTR) hosts an Open House at the Cranbrook campus. This past Tuesday, May 6, COTR hosted their first Kimberley Open House, providing an opportunity for locals to learn what the college has to offer, not just in Kimberley, but region-wide, meet the campus staff and enjoy some light refreshments.

Business and Development Manager, Jeff Cooper said, “this is a follow up to local high school visits,” Cooper said. “We thought, the team is here anyway, it’s an opportunity to get people to visit the Kimberley campus.

“A lot of people are not even aware of what we offer, and what we do. The recruiters [were] available to answer questions. They are touring all the satellite campuses.

“I have wanted to have an open house to keep campus awareness up.”

Recruitment officer for Communications and Marketing, Andra Louie says that being the first Kimberley open house, it is a good opportunity for locals to see what is available to them and find out more information about what the college has to offer. Louie hopes to continue to host annual open houses in Kimberley as they do every year in Cranbrook.

Registration for fall 2017 programs at COTR is now open. At the open house, there was information on the ACE-IT presentation, program information on academic, vocational and trades, degree program information, continuing education, dual admission programs and the Kimberley campus fire training program.

Program Administrative Assistant for the Kimberley Campus, Lourdes Roxas-Butalid says that the program calendars and outlines are available at the college as well as on the website at

“We want people to know that we are here in Kimberley. We want to bring in community members and members of the business community and show them that we do offer a lot of continuing education in Kimberley,” Cooper said. “We want public feedback. What courses are you interested in?

“The more we can get the word out about what we offer, the better.”


College of the Rockies first Open House at the Kimberley Campus (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)

Many Kimberley residents were present at the COTR open house on Tuesday, inluding Mayor, Don McKormick (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)