Kimberley splash park to open June 25

Get your bathing suits ready because on Sunday, June 25 at 1 p.m. the splash park on Rotary drive will officially open for the summer.

Former City Chief Administrative Officer and Kimberley Rotarian, Mike Cave, was appointed Project Manager for the splash park.

“The splash park will be open all summer long, as long as the weather is warm,” he said.

The City will soon be determining what times of day that the water will run to and from, and the water will turn on with the press of a button.

“The kids press a button and the water turns on,” said Cave. On opening day, children will get the chance to start the water flow for the first time. Any children in attendance will be able to enter in a draw to be the first one to press the button.

There are 18 different devices that the water will flow from, most of them coming from the ground and spraying upwards.

The park was designed with water saving technology; low flow nozzles to restrict the amount of flow.

“The amount of water used [per year by the park] is equal to that of a family of four using water for a year,” explained Cave.

For three years the Kimberley Rotary Club has been fundraising for this project. The total cost of the project is $365,000 and Cave says it wouldn’t be possible without help from the Columbia Basin Trust, who matched the Rotary Club’s funding.

Cave says that the original plan was to open the park on Saturday, June 24, but since that date is booked for grad the City and Rotary club decided that the Sunday would be a better day.

“We can’t start it until then because there has been ongoing construction,” said Cave. “They have been doing concrete work [specifically the installation of benches] and it takes a couple weeks for that to properly set.”

Cave also says that Sally Harrison, Club Service Director for the Rotary Club, has been a big part of the process and is the one who is and has been making all of the arrangements.

On opening day, the time is yet to be determined, but there will be food and drink such as cake and juice and all Kimberley families are welcome to attend and splash around.