McWhinnie Day 2017

Kimberley’s annual celebration of former councillor, Bob McWhinnie

Bob McWhinnie day is traditionally held each April in Kimberley, to celebrate and remember the former councillor and all that he did for the City.

McWhinnie was the driving force behind Kimberley’s skate park, which is why the community gathers there; to enjoy the park he helped build.

This year, McWhinnie day was held on Sunday, May 14 from 10a.m. to 4p.m. and luckily it turned out to be a nice day weather wise.

Organizer Alex Buterman said McWhinnie day is all about remembering Bob, “it’s a celebration of life, to remember Bob, and a reminder to respect the park.”

“We’ve had a terrific amount of support from local contractors, businesses, and residents,” said Buterman. “We raise money through a bake sale so we can make enhancements to the park. Over the years we have put in a new pump track, dirt jumps for bikers, and washroom facilities.”

Buterman is hoping that with the proceeds from this year’s McWhinnie day, and the generous contributions from local contractors and businesses, they can build a stage and covered area this summer or fall.

“Events and initiatives like these are up to us [members of the community]. It gets families and youth involved, and gives people insight as to what is achievable. It also provides locals with a sense of ownership for the park,” says Buterman.

There was a jam, as per usual. Residents brought scooters, bikes, and skateboards and showed off their skills. There was music from local bands, a bake sale, and the event was friendly for all ages, as always.