City of Kimberley will provide $23,000 to Soccer Association

Washroom facility at Purcell Park will be finished before winter

The Kimberley Soccer Association is seeking city support to finish the building at Purcell Park.

At the October 11, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council representatives of the Kimberley Soccer Association attended as a delegation to request $23,000 in financial assistance from the City to advance construction of the Purcell Field washroom facility to “lock-up” to avoid degradation of the structure over the winter season.

After having staff look at the request, Council decided to approve it, and will take the funds from the reserve fund. They gave first three readings to the Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw Monday night, and the funds will be released as soon as the Bylaw is adopted on November 14.

The Manager of Parks and Recreation concluded, and Council agreed, that the Purcell Field washroom facility would be a key amenity that would enhance the Kimberley Soccer Association’s ability to host large youth soccer tournaments and could benefit other community groups who could use the fields including adult soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee and high school athletics. The upcoming BC 55+ Games which Kimberley is co-hosting with Cranbrook in 2018 would also benefit from the completion of this facility.