Kimberley grants business licenses to two new medical cannabis dispensaries

Mayor votes no, urges caution; Council votes yes on medical cannabis business licenses

Another two business licenses have been granted to medical cannabis businesses in Kimberley.

Another two medical cannabis dispensaries may soon be open in Kimberley, one in the Platzl and one on Howard Street.

At Council this week, a license for Releaf Dispensary was approved. As well, Council has approved a license for Earth’s Own Naturals, which has been in the works since last fall.

Not everyone on Council was in favour of granting the third license to Releaf. Mayor Don McCormick voted against the move, saying that caution was required as there were so many unknowns around medical cannabis dispensaries.

“They are illegal as such,” he said. “We are in uncharted territory. I just want to move more slowly, learn as we go. But Council felt differently and the license will be granted.”

McCormick acknowledges that the first license granted to Tamarack Dispensaries has proved to be a success, with no issues at all with that business.

However, he says that  the City moves forward on the basis that these businesses are self-regulating. If they are not regulated properly, the RCMP will shut them down.

There is also some question as to what regulations may be coming forward from the federal government in the future, as some sort of legalization appears to be on the horizon, perhaps next year.

“There are a lot of unknowns,” McCormick said. “I expect the RCMP will be watching. But, it’s democracy at work.”