Kootenay Savings unionized employees locked out on Friday

Union says one-day or not, collective agreement is at an end and employees will not return

Kootenay Savings unionized employees on the picket line in Kimberley Friday.

Jeff Bromley from the United Steelworkers walked the line with unionized employees of the Kootenay Savings Credit Union Friday. The union was locked out for one day on Friday by Kootenay Savings. According to a union press release, the employer stated that the terms and conditions of the collective agreement have come to an end and with that, the unionized staff of KSCU will not be returning to work until a collective agreement has been freely negotiated between the two parties.

On Thursday, Brent Tremblay, President and CEO of Kootenay Savings said that if the employees did not return, it would be considered a strike.

The main issue in the labour dispute is pension language.

Bromley says public response the first day on the line has been good, with donations of food and coffee coupons already being gathered.