The Lamb Creek fire was discovered on August 28

Partial rescind on Lamb Creek evacuation orders

Effective 10:30am Mountain Time, Friday, September 15, a partial rescind of the Evacuation Order for the Lamb Creek Fire has been downgraded to an EVACUATION ALERT.

The partial rescind is shown on the attached maps and applies to the Eastside of Moyie Lake, including:

The Porto Rico Road and Hidden Valley Road areas

Owl’s Nest RV Resort

Moyie townsite

Eagles Nest RV Resort, and

both sides of Highway 3/95 south of Branunagel Road to Stone Creek

These areas remain on Evacuation Alert.

If it is necessary to reissue an Evacuation Order the process will start again.

Green Bay, Monroe Lake, Braunagel Road, Moyie Shores Estates and Aurora Estates remain on Evacuation ORDER. These areas remain on ORDER as the Lamb Creek Fire is still an active fire and firefighting operation. Our goal is to get residents in this area home as soon as we can; however, it needs to be safe.

The RDEK is asking residents of the partial rescind area who return to the area be prepared to move back out again at a moment’s notice.

As there is still an active fire in the area, please take this opportunity to be prepared should conditions worsen and an Evacuation Order needs to be re-issued.

The Lamb Creek fire was discovered on August 28.

According to the latest update from Wildfire BC, the fies is now 30 per cent contained, and 2094 hectares in size. A guard line is constructed around the entire fire perimeter. There are 175 persennel on site with 21 pieces of heavy equipment.