Wasa residents concerned over bush parties

Fire hazard and garbage left behind among concerns

Kimberley RCMP

The residents of Wasa have expressed concern over the bush parties being held in the area. Almost every week for the past six weeks there have been parties. The fire hazard and garbage left behind has not only locals but police and other provincial agencies very concerned.

People recognize that bush parties have been going on for decades, but there is a disturbing trend of a lack of consideration for the area and nearby residents. Unextinguished fires and no local fire protection could be disastrous. The constant all night noise and garbage left behind shows a total lack of respect.

Police along with provincial agencies and residents are working to curtail the actively and ask parents to engage their children in some discussion about the potential risks and issues. Schools from Invermere, Cranbrook and Kimberley are informing students that the behavior is not acceptable.

Kimberley RCMP have also received several reports of assaults during the event. These are being investigated and charges could be forwarded to Crown Counsel for review.