An early season surprise for cross country skiers

Early snow means on-snow training for Kimberley's racers

Annika and Marielle Ackermann (photographed here) took full advantage of Kimberley’s early snow on Monday and were able to get some quality training in as they prepare for the 2016-17 race season.

Early snow was a welcomed sight for members of the KIXS team on Thanksgiving Monday!  After months of dryland training in Kimberley, travelling to glaciers in Canmore, ski tunnels in Sweden and attending ski camps with Team BC, the junior racers are excited for any opportunity  to train on real snow.  With race season fast approaching in six weeks our local skiers will start travelling to Canmore to train on Frozen Thunder (a track that is produced by storing snow from last winter).  Kimberley’s snow on Monday was something to be truly thankful for on a Thanksgiving weekend!