Kimberley Mining Railway still running

Construction causes a few headaches but the tourist attraction is open

Right this way. The Underground Railway continues to run through Gerry Sorensen Way construction.

A major construction project can be a major inconvenience, and the Gerry Sorensen Way repaving is no exception.

While locals know their way through the detours it’s a little more difficult for tourists, and the Kimberley Underground Mining Railway Society wants to get the word out that the train and attraction remains open.

With the downtown station located within the construction zone, some people are getting the mistaken impression that the train is closed.

Not so, says the Society’s Sharon Henry.

“Guests need to follow our signs from the traffic light along Gerry Sorensen Way through the construction to our newly paved road that leads to the station entrance. Construction is continuing from the bridge just past our entrance.  This can be very confusing to guests from out of town.

“Though it has been very difficult and challenging at times, Ryan D’Etcheverry and his crew from BA Blacktop have done all in their power to keep access to the station open for our riders throughout this construction period. The great people at the info centre have been wonderful about helping people with information.”

So help spread the word, the Underground Mining Railway is running as usual.