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All that glitters…

"Merchant of Venice" opens this week at Key City Theatre
Left to right: Portia’s servants Balthazar (Will Nicholson) and Nerissa (Michelle Heinz)

The Prince of Morocco (Josh Klassen, right) mulls his choice — gold, silver or lead — in the lottery to win the hand of fair Portia (Kimberley Davidson, second from right). The two-pronged narrative attack of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" opens Thursday evening at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook. The latest production by local Shakespeare society Bard in Your Own Backyard features the above-mentioned lottery, the memorable business transaction between Shylock and Antonio, and a host of Shakespeare's more antimated characters brought to life by the local acting community. The play runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Jan. 24-26, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Jan. 31, and Feb. 1 and 2. Also pictured: Portia's servants Balthazar (Will Nicholson, left) and Nerissa (Michelle Heinz, second from left).