Rehab BC has funded a roof extension over the lift access at Centre 64. Photo contributed

BC Rehab sponsored Accessibility Project completed at Centre 64

Work continues on making the Arts Centre accessible to all

Keeping Centre 64 welcoming and accessible to all is an ongoing project.

It began in 2018 with the Give Us a Lift campaign, says longtime Arts Council volunteer Carol Fergus.

“The project to purchase and install a platform lift to enable patrons who were restricted with physical and/or medical challenges the ability to attend events scheduled in the theatre on the second floor of the Centre. The Lift project was completed in early 2019 and in service until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. In October of 2019 the application with BC Rehab for the Roof extension (over the accessibility lift exit to the parking lot) and pathway for $4200 was approved. The two part project, extension of existing roof and paved pathway from the exit doorway to the Deer Park Ave sidewalk began. The construction was finished in late February (2020) and the paving of the pathway completed in early November.

The Arts council has worked hard to make the building accessible for everyone to enjoy all the productions offered in the theatre, she says.

After the three month lock up due to COVID19 Kimberley Arts Council –Centre 64 following government regulations reopened the art gallery to the public at the end of July but the rest of the building reopening (theatre, maker, concert, dance spaces) has been slowed down with the second wave of the pandemic. At this time there are only limited activities happening in the Centre, so at this point the usage by the public is limited although the egress to the building has been changed and this specific entrance/exit is the location of the BC ReHab project and new walkway is being used during daily operations by anyone coming to Centre 64.

“The committee is very appreciative to BC Rehab for funding the project, to Larry Gould and Mardis Forest Products Ltd for providing the lumber for the construction of the roof, ET Woodwork, Kimberley Building Supply, Power Paving and My Sign. Thank you to Karen and Andy Cetinski for staining space and the terrific volunteers who made the project a success.”

BC Rehab provides funding to other charitable organi4ations so that we can support people living with physical disabilities. We promote projects across British Columbia which encourage barrier-free communities and make opportunities available to all members of our province. BC Rehab advocates for communities that are designed so that all people, regardless of physical ability, may live and thrive.