Busy winter for Kimberley’s gymnasts

Three meets in Kimberley, Nelson and Cranbrook keep gymnasts hopping

Kimberley gymnasts line up to compete

Kimberley gymnasts line up to compete

The Kimberley Gymnastics Club has had a very busy fall and winter session with three competitions:  the Gym and Judge Invitational in Kimberley in December, the Glacier Judge’s Cup in Nelson in January, and the Fiesta Invitational in Cranbrook in early March.

The Kimberley Gymnastics Team members are as follows:  Akaisha Duggan, Holly Gale, Ana Mousseau, Emery Hoko, Katelyn Johnson, Gina Hanson, Shelby Jensen, Julianne Jarrett, Nicola Wahlstrom, Emily Panattoni, Sadie Hollister, Georgia Hollister, Levi Bova, T.J. Foley, Pollen Kemp, Emma Barton, Brie Bellm, Tynelea Milligan, Makayla Ashby, Cindy Riemel, Marie Riemel, Madison Jennings, Jane Douglas, Kirby McDonald, Liam Duggan, Addie Watkins, Julia Preston, Catelyn Gray, and Leah Gray

The Fiesta Invitational in Cranbrook was particularly successful for the participating Kimberley team members who brought home the following awards:

Performance Plus Girls (7 athletes)

7 all around silver medals

Performance Plus Boys (1 athlete)

1 all around silver

Interclub Girls (4 athletes)

4 Victory Medals

Interclub Boys (1 athlete)

1 Victory Medal

High School Girls (2 athletes)

2 bronze medals, 5 gold medals

Provincial Girls (5 athletes)

2 all around gold medals, 1 all around silver medal, 1 all around bronze medal, and 1 all around seventh place

Congratulations to all the athletes!  The next competition is the Zone Championships in Nelson May 4 and 5. The team will finish up the season with the fourth Annual Coconut Cup in Kimberley on May 24th and 25th.