The community is stepping up to provide the stage for Symphony on the Mountain. Submitted photo

The community is stepping up to provide the stage for Symphony on the Mountain. Submitted photo

Community steps up to assist Symphony on the Mountain

As Symphony on the Mountain’s return to Kimberley on July 8 and 9 draws closer, the community has been stepping up to make the event a reality.

Jim Webster said that the big stage cover they used for the concert seven years ago was not available this year, as the company they got it from didn’t have the resources to rent it to them and put it up. The tent is crucial as it protects the musicians and their instruments from the elements, plus it adds to the ambiance of the venue.

Webster said they then asked if the company would sell the cover to the Symphony and was in talks with Carl Lauren from Tyee Homes about the Gateway Park project in Marysville, and Lauren, through Tyee has agreed to buy the tent to then donate to the Symphony who would then be the owners until after the concert.

Following the concert, the Symphony plans to donate the tent to the City of Kimberley to use as a summer festival tent.

“We’re just working on the location and plan to have it as a summer festival tent that could go up in the spring and then be used for music for Saturdays, for July Fest, all sorts of different concerts, having the Symphony back,” Webster explained. “It’s unlimited — I think it would just be huge and it gives a lot more flexibility for music and stuff.”

He added he left the meeting with Tyee feeling “pretty darn proud of Carl,” who will not only step up to buy the tent, but offered to take care of its set up and take down at the concert.

The other issue the Symphony is currently facing is that they have to build a brand-new 40-foot by 30-foot stage, but that process has been made a whole lot easier thanks to some generous Kimberley businesses.

According to Webster, the Timber Mart gave the Symphony a huge deal on the plywood sheeting needed for the stage build and Mardis Lumber donated a whole truckload of wood to frame it.

“Everybody’s just really stepping up,” Webster said.

Webster said they’ve sold around 500 tickets for the Symphony on the Mountain already, and as it’s starting to approach selling out, they came up with the idea of charging people $25 to watch the dress rehearsal on Saturday, July 9 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“They’ll come up there and be able to hear the full concert, but there’s the odd stop and start as they tweak things, but basically it’s another way for more people, an economical way for them to come and hear and see the Symphony,” he said.

There are only around 10 tickets left for the Friday gala. Tickets are available at

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