Chelsea Boyd Gibson file

Chelsea Boyd Gibson file

Fermentation workshop this weekend

Learn how to make Kimchi and Sauerkraut with local expert Chelsea Boyd Gibson

Chelsea Boyd Gibson of Meadowsweet Yoga is hosting her 15th fermentation workshop this weekend and only a few seats remain.

Gibson says she has been hosting fermentation workshops in Kimberley and Cranbrook for the past three years.

“They have ranged in a variety of topics such as cheese making, kombucha, ginger beer & herbal sodas, nutritional detox, sauerkraut and kimchi,” said Gibson.

On Saturday, Nov. 25 from 3p.m. to 5p.m. the self-proclaimed foodie, holistic nutritionist and community herbalist will be teaching locals how to make Sauerkraut and Kimchi.

“Fermented foods are full of nutritional benefits and have a long history in the culinary world,” explained Gibson. “They are a large part of most cultures’ traditional foods, and often people don’t even realize the food they are eating has had some fermentation used in its creation. For example, coffee, chocolate, bread, beer, yogurt etc.

“These foods are so important in supporting a healthy immune system, creating a happy gut, supplying B-vitamins and they can even support those with anxiety or depression as they help produce serotonin in the gut (a neurotransmitter required to regulate moods).”

Gibson says that Sauerkraut and Kimchi are both versatile and delicious.

“Please stop picturing a bavarian sausage and accordion fest when you picture Sauerkraut,” said Gibson. “Start picturing massaged kale, feta and kraut salads. Poached eggs with spinach and spicy Kimchi. Warm sauerkraut with chicken and quinoa dishes. The variety is endless!”

The workshop will include a demo on how to make sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as samplers of different varieties of the ancient foods. Included will be handouts with recipes to take home so you can begin fermenting right away.

In terms of what inspired this workshop, Gibson says she’s been inspired by all things food related most of her life.

“When I attended Holistic Nutrition school in Vancouver a few years ago I fell madly in love with fermented foods, and ended up doing my work placement for a local fermentation company in Vancouver called Rooted Nutrition,” Gibson said. “I am constantly amazed at how many people in the area are inspired to learn more about their good and taking their health into their own hands, why not start with sauerkraut and kimchi.”

There are six seats left in the workshop and registration is $40. To register or find out more information contact Gibson at 250 427 0919 or email her at


Chelsea Boyd Gibson file

Chelsea Boyd Gibson file

Chelsea Boyd Gibson file

Chelsea Boyd Gibson file