Fundraiser for Kimberley Food Bank keeps you moving

Robyn Ostlund wants to get people moving in December and also raise money for the Food Bank. Photo submitted

Robyn Ostlund wants to get people moving in December and also raise money for the Food Bank. Photo submitted

Last year, Robyn Ostlund of Kimberley organized a fundraiser to assist the Cranbrook Salvation Army’s Christmas hamper campaign.

This year, she has launched a similar one to benefit the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank.

The fundraiser begins with a movement streak, meaning you get out and do some purposeful activity — walking, running, skiing, any type of movement — for at least 20 minutes a day.

Last year’s fundraiser was a walk/run and Ostlund had 10 people sign up. This year, she opened it up to any type of purposeful movement and already has about 26 people join. Prizes will be purchased from local businesses and handed out at the end of the month. Participants are encouraged to record their activities with a Fit Bit or Apple Watch or some other device and post in the Facebook accountability group daily.

Ostlund would like more people to join but you must sign up by this Saturday, December 5 to be eligible for prizes. You can donate any amount you like and as often as you like, but a minimum one time donation of $20 is required for sign up.

As of Thursday, December 3, $765 had been raised.

“The point is to help out the Food Bank and get people moving for the month of December,” she said, adding that even while being active separately, you are part of group working towards a goal together, which is nice during this time of social distancing. She has a Facebook group where people can share their activities.

“Obviously the Food Bank is always in need, but in talking to them, they are going to have a lot of need for donations this year especially.”

The Food Bank is requesting cash donations only this year, as the usual hampers will be handed out as grocery store gift certificates.

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Ostlund’s goal is to raise $2000 for the food bank.

If you want to sign up for the Movement Streak 2020, please do so by Saturday ,here .You can donate to the fundraiser through until December 18, 2020.