Healthy Kimberley’s TKOB initiative features Centex as healthy work environment

Healthy Kimberley’s TKOB initiative features Centex as healthy work environment

Healthy Kimberley is continuing their Taking Care of Business initiative by featuring local businesses that focus on a healthy work environment.

The Taking Care of Business program’s goal is promote healthy workplaces in the community. Heathy Kimberley offers free consulting services to help make that more achievable.

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Dr. Ilona Hale of Healthy Kimberley says that the most recent featured business is Kimberley Centex, “a gas station like you’ve never seen before”.

“One of the surprising things people new to Kimberley quickly discover is that, hiding behind the local pumps at the Centex gas station is one of Kimberley’s most incredible sources of fresh, local produce and healthy, natural food,” she said.

Hale adds that for 32 years, the Bentley-Lobban family has grown the family business to incorporate more and more food options and give local producers a venue to sell their products.

“The recent addition of an in-store bakery and the Stoke Juice Bar gives customers even more great options,” Hale says.

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Daughter and manager Jill Bentley-Lobban also believes passionately in reducing waste and creating products like pies, smoothies and juice from the produce that is still full of nutrition but no longer saleable.

“We make pesto out of the pulp from our nut milks and our compost is picked up by local farmers to feed chickens and pigs,” said Bentley-Lobban.

“With all the talk about the Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery project, some people have asked what role Centex will play?” Hale explained. “The simple answer is that they have already been making food recovery a priority for many years and continue to work towards minimizing waste.”