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Kimberley author Ramona Wildeman’s children’s book wins multiple awards

Local author Ramona Wildeman.

Kimberley children’s author Ramona Wildeman published her book ‘Siege of Herons - Collective Nouns Alphabetically ’ in March of 2022.

Since that time it has been nominated for several book awards.

“I’m delighted to announce that Siege of Herons has been named winner in the Children’s Picture Book - Hardcover Nonfiction category in the 2023 Best Best Book Awards,” Wildeman said. “Also, in addition to winning the Children’s Picture Book category, I was named a finalist in the Children’s Educational and Children’s Novelty and Gift Book categories. This triple recognition speaks to the book’s diverse appeal and its capacity to both educate and captivate readers of all ages.”

‘Siege of Herons also received an honourable mention in the 2023 Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Award in the Early Readers/Children’s Picture Book category.

“I wrote the book because I love words and I am curious,” she said. “I probably have no less than 10 dictionaries/ thesaurus in my house - in many languages. I love learning. I love etymology - learning the history of words. Collective nouns - words that represent groups of nouns offer a way to express the love of noticing and observation of the world we live in. Many collective nouns are old words; words not in the common lexicon. Bringing them back into our language, and inspiring folks to notice and observe their world and create new collective nouns is the goal of this book.“

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Wildeman’s award winning book, it is available at Arrow and Axe in Kimberley and Huckleberry Bookstore in Cranbrook, and is also available to borrow at the Cranbrook and Kimberley libraries.

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