The Food Recovery Program has pivoted to more meal production during this pandemic year. Submitted file

The Food Recovery Program has pivoted to more meal production during this pandemic year. Submitted file

Kimberley Food Recovery Program producing more meals during pandemic

This past Monday, June 14, Shannon Grey-Duncan from the Kimberley Food Recovery Program Zoomed into Kimberley City Council to thank Council for their assistance in helping the program access UBCM funds, and also to update council on the work they have been doing for the past year.

The pandemic has changed the way the Food Recovery Program operates, as they moved more into food production and away from group cooking and get togethers, due to health protocols.

The program produced 5,549 frozen meals and 2500 healthy snacks in the past year using the UBCM emergency response funding.

The Food Recovery Program partners with agencies that already exist in Kimberley, agencies that serve the vulnerable population.

Regular recipients of the frozen meals are the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank, Blarchmont Early Years Centre, Seniors Helping Seniors, Home Support Nursing, Aq’am School, Aq’am Community Pantry, Gardenview (low income residents), local schools, Bellies to Babies Pregnancy Outreach as well as Food Recovery Depot deliver clients.

Other funders who played a part in the program are Columbia Basin Trust, Government of Canada Emergency Response via Kimberley & District Community Foundation & United Way, Community Food Centres Canada, Breakfast Club of Canada.

In total, with those funders and the UBCM funding the program produced 13,815 meals and 6,240 snacks, which were delivered to vulnerable populations throughout Kimberley.

Coun. Darryl Oakley noted that the Kimberley program is taking food recovery to an entirely new level, and said it was an incredible success.

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