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Kimberley Golf Club, where everyone is welcome

Kimberley Golf Club celebrates a new season with exciting opportunities for people of all ages
Teacher, Crystal Scott suits up to be a human target for her Kingergarten and Grade 1 class. See more on the SNAG golf program, page 4. (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)

Kimberley Golf Club has been a staple in Kimberley’s golf scene for over 90 years. The club is currently going through some exciting changes that include brand new carts, additions to their food and beverage services, and a program that aims to get youth more interested in golf.

Board Member, Gord Jenkins says, “It is the only member club in the region, and is also open to the public with the lowest rate for green fee players in the Columbia region.”

“[Kimberley Golf Club] is 92 years old,” says Jenkins. “Unlike other courses in the region, this course was built by volunteers in a time where the mine was flourishing.”

Director of Golf, Simon Jones, says, “we’ve got trees and greens that are pretty much 100 years old, so that’s unique in this area.”

“For the longest time we didn’t need any public players, we could rely solely on club memberships. Now we are trying to make it the local golf course; the friendly club,” says Jones. “A lot of the other courses in the area are beautiful, but they are mostly resort courses.”

Food and Beverage Manager at the Ravens Roost Restaurant, Joanna Heath says, “it’s not just golf. We’ve got [an event], Live on the Deck, where we feature bands, karaoke, and we have a jam night. It’s really been a hoot; a blast. We also really strive to get only local musicians which, I think, makes a huge difference.”

“We make sure that our guests feel welcome and important. If they’re a member, even if they’re not, to us they are; they’re a part of the family. Which is like our staff, we are a family and we work so closely together,” says Heath.

The Ravens Roost Restaurant not only has live music, but they also have dinner specials Monday to Friday such as Fish and Chips and Steak and Prawns.

“We had something new created for us last year, called The Nest,” says Heath. “It is located just down below the restaurant, beside the first tee. In the mornings we offer free coffee and muffins to Early Bird Golfers, on Wednesdays we will have beer and cocktails available for men’s night, and on the weekends we will offer all of the same items.”

Not only are there lots of exciting things happening at the golf course itself, but Jones has also started a program to get kids and youth interested in golf.

With a successful Junior program already in place, Jones is also visiting elementary schools in Kimberley to introduce golf to kids from Kindergarten to Grade 3. The program is brought to the schools by SNAG Golf, BC Golf, and Pacific Sport.

“There are approximately 120 kids in the program [at Lindsay Park Elementary],” says Jones. “We are trying to get kids interested in golf through this program, and by bringing them down to the course for a field trip.”

“With the help of John Ought from BC Golf and Pacific Sport we purchased three junior golf kits at the start of the year. These kits from SNAG Golf are perfect for introducing kids to the sport, and offer a great system for teaching,” says Jones.

The kits cost approximately $3,000 to $4,000 a piece, and include plastic drivers, mini tennis balls, t-pads, and velcro targets. There is also a suit that is adorned with velcro targets so the kids can aim at whomever is wearing it, usually their teacher.

“Over the years, we’ve had a lot of success with our Junior program, which is only $75 for a membership. Last year, there were over 90 kids enrolled in the Junior program,” says Jones.

“Some of the kids who were previously enrolled in the Junior program have even gone on to university on a scholarship,” says Jones. “So that’s pretty attractive for youth who want to get involved in golf.”

For kids and families who do want to get involved in golf, The Kimberley Golf Club offers a Family Pass for $250 per year. The pass gives you access to the course after 4p.m. and there must be an adult and child present to play.

“Last year with the camps and programs for Ladies and Juniors, we saw a lot of new faces, so that has been very successful,” says Jones.

The course will officially open this coming weekend, and close October 14th, while the Raven’s Roost Restaurant will be open until October 1. Until May 22 the restaurant will be open from 9a.m. to 7p.m., and after the long weekend the hours will extend to 9p.m.

For more information about the course, programs, and green fees, visit the website at

These velcro targets are part of the SNAG golf kit (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)
Kimberley Golf Club’s inclusive motto (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)
One of the many beautiful views at Kimberley Golf Club (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin)

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