Kimberley History: The Way it Was

Courtesy of the Kimberley Heritage Museum archives

KIMBERLEY NEWS March 2, 1960

“New Street System For Kimberley – One Way Approved”

A one-way street system in the downtown area of Kimberley has been approved by city council.

The system was introduced by the works department and finally submitted in the engineer’s report which was prepared for the city last year. The system will be inaugurated as soon as bylaws have been prepared to coincide with traffic control.

Object of the system is to decrease traffic congestion downtown. One way will begin on Wallinger at Spokane street … continue North to Howard; west on Howard across Deer Park to Kimberley avenue which will be a two way street. East bound traffic only will be allowed on Spokane Street.

With the exception of Kimberley avenue and Deer Park avenue, city centre for a two block radius will be enclosed by a one way street.

A thirty mile speed limit in city limits will be instituted as soon as signs are erected. Al Watson, works superintendent in recommending the increased speed limit within the city limits said a more even flow of traffic would result and assist greatly in traffic control in the city.

The present speed limit in the city is twenty five miles per hour.

To help speed up the flow of traffic and offer a better measure of safety stop signs will be installed at 4th, 5th and 6th avenues at Moyie Street.

“Audition Local Dancers”

Mrs. Marjorie Cunningham, instructor at the Kimberley School of Dancing, was requested by CBC-TV talent scout to audition a group of ballet dancers for a talent show.

Mrs. Cunningham chose nine girls to present the ballet, “Nocturne”, which is danced in a pure, classical style. Holly Anne Corrie, Dianna Finch, Janice Phenuff, Darlene Wright, Donna Worth, Elaine Gianniorio, Roxanne Hedquist, Leanna Molander and Judy Graham will wear long, pink, romantic tutus and a brilliant head piece for the audition Sunday in Cranbrook. “Nocturne” will be played as musical background.

“Lynette Nimsick To Dance In Vancouver”

Miss Lyneete Nimsick has been chosen as one of eight girls to dance in the “Brig O’Doon” production of Theatre Under the Stars this summer.

Lynette is a ballet student of Mrs. Marjorie Cunningham, instructor of Kimberley School of Dancing and is the daughter of Honourable Leo Nimsick, MLA and Mrs. Nimsick, Kimberley. She is presently in Victoria continuing her matriculation course and studying advanced ballet under the direction of Wynne Shaw in preparation for elementary exams in May.