There are several options available for a ShelterBox donation. Submitted photo

There are several options available for a ShelterBox donation. Submitted photo

Kimberley Rotary continues to partner with ShelterBox

A ShleterBox donation is a great gift

Kimberley Rotary has been associated with raising funds for ShelterBox, led by the untiring efforts of Rotarian Graham Mann, who passed away last year.

Graham’s passion for ShelterBox led Kimberley Rotary to be one of the top donors in Canada. The Kimberley Rotary club has received a coveted Gold ShelterBox Award every year since getting involved with this 4-star rated program.

The Kimberley Rotary Club is once again working with ShelterBox Canada, a project partner of Rotary, to run a Christmas ShelterBox Global Gift campaign.

ShelterBox raises awareness and funds to help support families around the world who have been devastated by disaster or conflict. ShelterBox is dedicated to helping ensure no family is left without shelter – by going where others can’t, or won’t. By helping provide the emergency shelter and tools families need to self-recover, ShelterBox transforms despair into hope.

When disaster strikes ShelterBox will send in a Response Team to meet with local government agents and other disaster relief organization to assess what aid is most appropriate for the situation on the ground. Response Team members are chosen after an arduous selection process and they are highly trained for their position. Last year, Kimberley Rotarian Jaret Thompson qualified be one of a small but very elite group of ShelterBox Response Team members in Canada.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone on your Christmas list, consider donating to ShelterBox. Let the person on you gift list know you purchased a ShelterBox Gift that will provide aid for a family devastated by conflict or natural disaster. For the family receiving the aid, the fact that someone far away cares will mean more than can be imagined. It will be a true Christmas gift.