Kimberley’s Noni Belland raises $1,914 to fight kids’ cancer in cycle challenge

Kimberley’s Noni Belland raises $1,914 to fight kids’ cancer in cycle challenge

Belland set out to raise $500

Over the month of August, Noni Belland set out to cycle 300 kilometres while raising a goal of $500 to fight children’s cancer in the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC).

Belland more than surpassed both of her targets, cycling a grand total of 640.4 kilometres on her pedal bike, not eBike, over the course of the month and raising $1,914.38, more than triple her original goal.

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“Thinking back on the whole cycle challenge, the most inspiration I received was from our Facebook page of all the other riders across Canada, GCC Friends Canada page,” Belland told the Bulletin.

“It brought me to tears to see how all the littlest kids were riding their bikes for other little kids.”

She said one particular example really exemplified the challenge for her. A three year old named Kolten Davis from Okotoks, Alta. reached “Hero” status in the GCC by riding nearly 150 kilometres and raising over $1500. Kolten rode for his cousin Brooklyn, diagnosed with cancer when she was just four years old, but is now 11 and cancer free.

“These stories of others helping others were my inspiration,” Belland said.

Belland said she loved that some of her friends wanted to accompany her riding, whether they knew someone affected by childhood cancer or not.

She said her sisters donated even more to her cause, well after she had surpassed her goals and added that everyone who knew what she was doing was very generous.

“I think we are all affected in many ways with what happens to our kids,” she said.

The biggest challenge for Belland’s cycling endeavour was a rather large hill she had to conquer, no matter where she was riding.

“I started to do a mantra to myself, knowing that what I was going through was nothing compared to what the kids go through in their journeys,” Belland explained. “I will probably do this challenge again as I loved to see the positivity of others while giving selflessly of their time.”

On an international level 52,206 riders participated in the GCC, riding over five million kilometres and raising $9,394,852. Fundraising pages will remain live until Nov. 30.


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