Artist Anton Zanesco presenting his painting and idea to Council on Monday (Corey Bullock file).

Artist Anton Zanesco presenting his painting and idea to Council on Monday (Corey Bullock file).

Local artist donates painting to Kimberley City Council

Anton Zanesco has a vision to include Bootleg Mountain in Kimberley’s branding.

Anton Zanesco has been an artist for 40 years, 25 of which he has spent living and working in Kimberley. Zanesco says that for those 25 years, he has had a vision of Bootleg Mountain being combined as part of Kimberley’s branding.

At a regular City Council meeting on Monday, Dec. 11, Zanesco presented his idea to Council to incorporate Bootleg into the City’s branding, specifically through mural paintings. At the same meeting, Zanesco also donated a painting of his to Council; a colourful landscape of Bootleg Mountain.

“There are many successful examples of this worldwide,” said Zanesco. “A series of high quality murals would put a stamp on our image, our Kimberley, our mountain and our downtown. Murals leading to a great downtown experience with businesses etc.”

City Councillor Sandra Roberts says that she likes Zanesco’s art and his idea, however she is not sure where the City fits in.

“Many of those walls are attached to businesses that are owned privately, so where do you see the City involving itself in this?” asked Roberts.

Zanesco responded saying, “one idea feeds the other, I would just like it to be out there. Local businessmen need a reference. Giving them the opportunity – that it is branding coming from the City, they can use it and do something with it.”

He went on to say that although some walls in town are not ideal, he “has to start somewhere.”

Mayor Don McCormick agrees that Bootleg is a prominent part of Kimberley’s identity.

“Bootleg Gap golf course was obviously named after Bootleg Mountain, and the signature hole at Kimberley Golf Club is number 12, which has Bootleg right in its sights. Northstar [mountain] and the resort have tended to be in the conversation for a long time,” said McCormick.

Councillor Oakley says it would be interesting to see if the City can incorporate Bootleg into their current logo and branding somehow.

“In Cranbrook, just about everything talks to Fischer peak,” said McCormick. “It’s interesting how the mountains are so closely associated with towns. That [painting] is pretty spectacular. We’ll be chatting more about this for sure.”