City Councillor Kyle Dalum with his service dog, Phelan. Bulletin file

City Councillor Kyle Dalum with his service dog, Phelan. Bulletin file

Military Ames proposes commemoration for military service dogs

A statue and columbaria are proposed for Veterans Memorial Park

Military Ames, represented by Cindy Postnikoff, presented to Kimberley City Council this week with future plans for the Veterans Memorial Park downtown.

The Park was completed by Military Ames, on city-owned land, in 2016.

Postnikoff says it was always the intention of the group to add further phases. Some, such as the two memorial walls and an oak tree from Vimy, have already been done.

The next phase, Postnikoff says, involves a statue commemorating veterans’ service animals.

Postnikoff’s son, and current City Councillor, Kyle Dalum, had a very well known service dog, Phalen, and that dog would be embodied in the statue. Also incorporated would be a columbaria for the remains of dogs who served veterans.

Military Ames supports the program that Phalen was certified through, and Postnikoff says a number of Kimberley veterans now have service dogs, which are changing their lives. There would be 14 to 16 spots available in the base of the statue for the ashes of military service dogs. Two are already spoken for.

While Postnikoff is looking for city approval to go ahead with the project, Mayor Don McCormick said that a decision wouldn’t be be made that night.

“We will pause and provide you with feedback,” he said, although there was no date as to when that would be.

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