Open House at Kimberley Fire Hall

Celebrate Fire Prevention week with open house, barbecue

Kimberley kids are invited to an open house at the Kimberley Fire Department tonight.

Kimberley kids are invited to an open house at the Kimberley Fire Department tonight.

It’s Fire Prevention Week in Kimberley and across Canada this week and the Kimberley Fire Department is celebrating tonight with an open house at the Fire Hall at City Hall.

The open house begins at 5 p.m. and runs to 8 p.m. with all kinds of activities for kids as well as a barbecue with proceeds going to Muscular Dystrophy.

Deputy Chief Jack Paterson says there are all kinds of great activities for kids, all kinds of equipment for them to explore and of course, learning how to spray with the fire hose.

“We have a great new prop for that this year,” Paterson said. “We have a plywood house with flames painted in the windows. Kids can shoot the hose at it.”

Also in attendance will be BC Ambulance personnel, Kimberley Search and Rescue and the Kimberley RCMP.

Kimberley Fire Department members will be demonstrating all kinds of life saving and rescue techniques and other tools used in today’s fire service.

Members will answer your questions about smoke detector installation, home escape plans and fire extinguisher use.

Fire Fighters have been visiting schools this week as part of Fire Prevention Week, brining the message of planning escape routes. Having two ways out is the theme this week and fire fighters urge you to think about your escape plan in the event of a fire.

Each year, Fire Prevention Week highlights a key aspect of fire education. This year’s theme, Have Two Ways Out, focuses on preparing and knowing how to safely evacuate from your home.

In addition to creating a fire evacuation plan, every household in B.C. should have working smoke alarms – particularly in sleeping areas – and an extinguisher. Families are encouraged to check smoke alarm batteries monthly and mark their calendars to ensure they clean the devices twice a year.