The Jazz Council

The Jazz Council

Jazz Council is back

Kootenay combo reuniting for August 15 concert in Cranbrook.

It’s reunion time! Two years after their last concert together, the original members of The Jazz Council are bringing their infectious swing, magnetic energy, and new original tunes back to The Stage Door in Cranbrook on Friday, August 15, at 8 p.m.

Drummer Sven Heyde, pianist Tim Plait, saxophonist Bernie Primbs, trumpeter Laurel Ralston, and bassist Joel Kroeker have been honing their skills and exploring new musical horizons — here in the Kootenays, across the country, and abroad. They are thrilled to meet back at home this summer and pick up where they left off — making great music in their signature style.

The Jazz Council has given over 40 performances since forming in 2010, and released their successful debut album, Dawn, in 2011. They are renowned across the Kootenays for their unique sound and blend of instruments, skillful playing, and irresistible stage presence. The Jazz Council firmly believes that jazz is, at its core, popular music, and can be both authentic and accessible. Their original compositions and their covers weave together many different strands and sub-genres of jazz, giving the listener’s ears a well-balanced diet, while their ability to select sounds from a specific palette gives them a unique, clear sound that is all their own.

Tickets for The Jazz Council’s performance cost $15 and are available now at Lotus Books in Cranbrook and The Snowdrift Café in Kimberley. Don’t miss it!