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‘It’s been a new beginning for our church’

Kimberley’s Summit church has new location, new leadership, new goal to connect with the community
Elizabeth Jorgensen, lead pastor of Kimberley’s Summit Church. All are welcome to services, Sundays at 10 a.m. at McPherson Funeral Services.

There’s one thing in particular that Kimberley’s Elizabeth Jorgensen has noticed ever since Summit Church started worshipping out of their new location at McPherson Funeral Services: the spare moments of unstructured time after Sunday services.

“What’s been so nice is the ability to linger. We strongly believe that our church is a family: it’s not just about listening to a sermon, it’s about connecting with each other and going through this life together. In our new location we have time to have that community.”

Jorgensen has been lead pastor for the church for the past year, after serving in more of a support role to her husband, Tyler Jorgensen, since 2013.

“We pastor together, but until recently he was the lead and I was more of an assistant. A year ago he felt the church needed a different style of leadership, so we switched roles. It’s been a new beginning for our church.”

Left: Tyler Jorgensen at Summit Church in Kimberley. Right: Elizabeth Jorgensen and members of the congregation in prayer.
Left: Tyler Jorgensen at Summit Church in Kimberley. Right: Elizabeth Jorgensen and members of the congregation in prayer.

In service of the community

With the new location and new leadership, the congregation has set a goal to be more present in the Kimberley community this year.

“We feel that the church should be part of the city. When we’re invited, we want to be helpful, be loving, and offer tangible help where there’s need,” Jorgensen says.

So far, that’s meant participating in city events like the recent Kimberley Community Cleanup, and hosting their own activities, including last Christmas’ Children’s Festival with free games and snacks for all — regardless of faith or background.

“We want to be who we are, authentically — we believe in the Bible and we believe Jesus is our saviour — and we also want to be loving and welcoming to everyone. We want people to know that we’re here, and we care about you.”

Visit Summit Church, every Sunday at 10 a.m.

Summit Church is part of the Foursquare denomination, which began in the 1920s and now includes churches around the world. All are welcome to join a worship service, Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. at McPherson Funeral Services, 1885 Warren Ave. Services usually run until about 11:30 a.m., with Sunday School programs for children.

Youth in Grades 8-12 are also invited to the Sunday night Youth Group from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“The Youth Group always includes a faith based ‘life lesson,’ but it’s open to everyone in that age group. It’s a safe space for youth to go, and there’s always food, fun, activities and opportunities to get to know other kids in a different way than you might at school,”Jorgensen says.

Visit to learn more about the congregation in Kimberley, and follow them on Facebook to keep informed on upcoming events.


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