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Your candidates for Mayor and Council

The two candidates running for Kimberley Mayor and the 15 running for council have been given space today at and in Wednesday’s Bulletin to reach out to voters with their messages. They are presented here in alphabetical order. Remember, General Voting Day is Saturday, October 20 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Centennial Centre.

The two candidates running for Kimberley Mayor and the 15 running for council have been given space today at and in Wednesday’s Bulletin to reach out to voters with their messages. They are presented here in alphabetical order. Remember, General Voting Day is Saturday, October 20 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Centennial Centre. Advance polls are also available to qualified voters and staff at the following locations on Friday, October 19: Garden View Village, Kimberley Special Care Home in the morning, and Lions Manor and the East Kootenay Regional Hospital in the afternoon. See for more details.

Albert Hoglund

Over my 30 years on council I have demonstrated honesty, integrity, worked hard for and built a good relationship with the citizens of Kimberley. My time on council has given me the much needed experience and skills to lead the City forward for the next four years.

As Mayor I would work with the councillors, staff and the public to keep tax increases as low as possible while keeping in mind the level of service citizens expect.

Infrastructure replacement is a priority with me, especially our road network. The city received funding to design a new wastewater treatment plant. We will be seeking Federal and Provincial grants to replace the existing plant when the new design is complete.

I also believe that acquiring land for light industrial is very important. If elected I would arrange a meeting with Teck to discuss the land surrounding the old Fertilizer site. Much of this land has never had any buildings on it and would be good to acquire to use as a light industrial site

Affordable housing is an issue for many families so therefore I would form an affordable housing committee to look at bringing a project to Kimberley. The old Cominco garage site in townsite would be ideal for this project.

Kimberley has a very vibrant Arts council and many non-profit groups which make our city “a good place to be“ and grants for these groups will continue to have my support.

Kimberley and Cranbrook have collaborated on many venues: senior games, winter games, rails to trails to name a few. The two cities have held joint council meetings for many years, the last being in 2015. These meetings would continue as I feel both councils have concerns and ideas to bring forward.

The sale of the Sun Mine is also on the ballot and I will be supporting it

Don McCormick

It has been a good four years. Our metrics are trending up. We have a great tourism product for visitors, and more people are choosing Kimberley as a good place to be living. The financial foundation we have built over the past four years is strong. But even modest growth brings challenges.

When communities begin to grow, housing that people can afford is the first pressure point. We are experiencing that now – we have a low supply of houses for sale, and renting is increasingly difficult. This is a supply issue. We need to add units to our inventories to prevent prices from escalating. Keeping Kimberley affordable is one of my key priorities.

In four years, our infrastructure deficit has been reduced by more than $5 million - without increasing taxes to pay this bill. But our aging pipes, roads and equipment are still in urgent need of investment. Infrastructure renewal must remain a key priority and we will continue our strategy to pay for this renewal with new money, not by raising taxes.

Our new streamlined approach to business investment is making good things happen faster. We are now managing the City as a $27 million per year enterprise, with flexible governance within the Community Charter that protects taxpayer money. We have more nimble operating procedures, and we continue to reduce red tape. With Chamber of Commerce input, we are developing more ways to better support our business community. We will continue to be open for business and investment.

In 2015 City Hall began a comprehensive service review, and this review is now paying significant dividends. The city achieved net operating budget reductions of $172,000 in 2016 and $164,000 in 2017. We are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing things smarter with increased efficiencies.

We need to manage our resources in a way that lets us enjoy our Kimberley lifestyle while also ensuring that our quality of life can be shared by our kids and their kids. If you share this vision of sustained prosperity, vote for me on Oct. 20.

Mac Campbell

I am standing for election to Kimberley City Council and re-election as Trustee SD6 Board of Education.

Throughout my life I have taken an active interest in politics and government because of the impact government has on the economy and people’s lives. I strive for continuous improvement and would like to make things better including bridging the gap in communications and understanding between Councillors and Trustees.

Objectives as City Councillor

My education and career expertise in housing and finance will be fresh, productive and complementary additions to City Council.

I will listen and take positive creative steps to ensure Kimberley is well positioned for the future. My top three objectives are:

• ​economic development, diversification, job creation

• affordable housing options in our healthy lifestyle community

• continuous improvement in service delivery including infrastructure

Objectives as Trustee

While engaging with parents, students, educators and government, I will work for innovation so we can be ahead of the curve for our students. I will observe, enquire, listen and be proactive to ensure student education needs are met.

Kimberley’s school age population is growing and ahead of forecasts. We need expanded capacity as our primary and middle schools are close to capacity. In my continuing role as Trustee, I have 3 main objectives for Kimberley:

• renovate and re-open Blarchmont School as a third and central primary school

• decentralize pre-K programs (ages 3-4) to primary schools

• phased redevelopment of Selkirk Secondary with one of the benefits being the retention of our large shops

Dave Corbould

My name is Dave Corbould and I am very honoured to have the opportunity to run for City Council.

There are several complex issues and challenges that the City is going to face in the coming period. Most involve critical infrastructure such as Waste Water Treatment, Roads and Sidewalks, Water Supply, etc (things we generally take for granted). None of these are simple projects and need to be carefully managed in order to mitigate the tax burden (external funding support?) but also deliver sustainable essential services that our City requires.

Additionally, the City’s identity as a Centre for Recreation demands that we work with partners to enhance that reputation to ensure we are not only seen as a City beside a Ski Hill. Our residents come from all generations and maintaining their interests and fostering the growth of our younger families is an investment into our future.

My experience from a varied military career in several environments has equipped me with a proven analytical approach towards complex issues that incorporates detailed exploration of ALL sides to a proposal or project. No stone can be left unturned or misunderstood as we explore options to better our community.

I personally appreciate your support in the coming Election, but also understand that there are a number of excellent candidates also running for City Council. Most Critical is that you Vote!

I look forward to a conversation with anyone who wants to discuss their concerns, priorities and observations as we head into the Election period.

Kyle Dalum

Thank you to the members of our community that I have engaged and the folks that I have yet to meet, you have all helped me to increase my knowledge as to your diverse needs and desires. My name is Kyle Dalum and I am running for a seat on your Council in our exceptional city. Many of you have seen Phelan (my service dog) and myself through my involvement over the last few years as we laboured over the Kimberley Veterans Memorial park and other volunteering in the community, my agenda is to give back. The groups that I volunteer with are not politically affiliated and at no time have I ever been a member of a political party. As I have shared with so many of you already my goal is to bring a non partisan, fact based approach to council, bringing a logic based mindset to each individual issue brought before council. Having all my assets outside of the city will allow me to avoid conflicts of interest and as such no area will benefit or suffer because of my involvement, I want to serve all of you in Kimberley with equal interest and priority. You are all important and make up this beautiful area I call home.

Kevin Dunnebacke

I want to be a part of my community and give back to the community, I’m here for life. I have my little business here and my little family; we love it here.

You always hear people in coffee shops complaining about different decisions made throughout the City. The only way to make a difference is to make yourself heard. We need to move forward together and continue to grow, while maintaining the small town charm that makes Kimberley and the Kootenays so desirable.

I’m good with people, I’m a good listener, and mechanically I know what works and what doesn’t. I think I am realistic in terms of projects; the time it takes and the cost.

I want to see that any infrastructure that is built is done with the future in mind, not just the ‘right now’ factor. hings should be built once and you move on, rather than continuing to spend taxpayers’ dollars. You have to make sure that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

You have to work as a team, a community. We all have to work together rather than working against each other. I always knew about Kimberley and I fell in love with this place when I was about 30 years old. I want to see Kimberley grow for the future in positive leaps and bounds. I want to continue to raise my family here and watch the City grow both residentially and throughout the business community. You know, it would be nice not to have to go to Cranbrook for that one little thing you need.

My father worked for Cominco and it’s what put food on my table as a kid. Kimberley is a mining town, and we always will be. Industry built this town and I think people sometimes forget that. I want Kimberley to move in a positive forward direction and work together as a team in all aspects.

Kent Goodwin

I want Kimberley to be a safe, healthy, vibrant and sustainable small town.

The work City Council has done over the last two terms to address the infrastructure deficit, develop a new community brand and keep taxes under control has helped move us in that direction. In the next 4 years we need to conclude the sale of the Sunmine, build a new sewage treatment plant, designate some brownfield land for future light industrial development and continue to refresh our brand. We need to determine what the City can do in addition to shifting the flat tax to the mil rate tax, to stimulate affordable rental housing. We need to continue to support the non-profit sector which is responsible for a good deal of the social and cultural vibrancy of the community.

I do not support the promotion of growth for growth’s sake, but I believe that diversifying our economy and supporting the existing tourism sector will result in some increase in our population. We need to try to manage and shape that growth so that we don’t lose the small town values that make Kimberley a good place to be.

I have enjoyed my two terms on City Council and believe that I have been effective in helping make good decisions for the town. I pay attention to detail, am responsive to public feedback, and can work cooperatively with my fellow council members. You can learn more about me and my priorities on my webpage at .

Craig Janzen

I moved my family to Kimberley in 2014 and am working in management for Canada Post in Kimberley and Cranbrook and also hold the elected position of Local Union/Association Kootenay President for my group within the company. Prior to my work in the public service sector, I spent the last two decades in business, doing a wide range of activities from owning and operating a No. 1-rated concrete and gravel plant to consulting to running a book-keeping business. I am passionate about volunteering and have spent time serving in Iraq and the Caribbean for disaster relief.

Do you wonder why your taxes go up, where your money is spent and why it is spent there? Are we thinking small? Some people talk about closing the Marysville arena to save money. A gentleman I was speaking with this week suggested we promote assets like our arenas outside our community so we keep these services running for our children and grandchildren and also stimulate local business. We all win. My platform is to bring my diverse experience, transparency, accountability and love for the region to collaborate with council members to streamline decisions, ensure smart management of tax dollars, and move forward collectively to see Kimberley become the best place to be for business, retirement, recreation, earning a living, and raising a family.

Nigel Kitto

Kimberley is on a roll right now with significant steady growth. We still have room to grow and continue transitioning our economy sustainably. Ongoing assessment of the impacts of growth on our natural environment and residents’ quality of life is imperative to mitigate unintended consequences. Considering this also ensures we can improve tourism and maintain a quality experience for our visitors.

We are a healthy, active community and our trails and recreation are central to our well being. I will continue to advocate for the Kimberley Trails Society and Kimberley Nature Park Society to ensure these assets are well managed for locals and visitors alike. Our image as a trails destination is growing and continuing work with Tourism Kimberley will capitalize this market.

We’ve done well to reign in our infrastructure deficit, but still have many challenges around depreciated assets. Maintaining current service levels and keeping tax increases in line with inflation will be difficult - I feel it is imperative to be innovative and open minded to new ideas, as well as being able to make tough decisions moving forward.

My first council term has shown my willingness to listen and to consult openly and honestly. I have also shown the ability to cooperate and compromise within the council team in finding the best path forward for our community. I base decisions on evidence, not ideology. I want to continue to listen and respond to issues that residents bring forward and responsibly represent our community.

Josh Lockhart

I want to see a Kimberley that supports families. That means good jobs and affordable housing.

As I’ve gone door to door in our community, these are pressing issues on the minds of voters:

· Community relationships are very important to me. I will create, build and foster trusting relationships within the community and with our neighbors.

· When I moved to Kimberley I was able to find an affordable place to rent. The same units’ rent has nearly doubled since. We need to have affordable housing options in our community. It is essential to have a community plan that favours the creation of affordable housing.

· It’s hard to find a daycare spot. This needs to change. It’s important to me to include Kimberley’s youngest (and cutest) population in the community plan, while advocating for more daycare spots.

· Finances are usually the #1 stressor on households.

Unfortunately, a large portion of households’ family expenses are taxes. I hope to be able to lighten that burden on households by being fiscally responsible to you the tax payers.

·Many in our community choose to walk, bike, etc., to their destination. I believe we can do more to ensure pedestrian safety.

I believe in the power of community. During my campaign I have sponsored a Kimberley Dynamiters game, a Family Swim, and coordinated the donation 15 turkeys to the food bank.

I hope to continue my work making Kimberley the best place it can be as your Councillor on October 20th.

Jason McBain

The 2018 Kimberley Municipal Election is rapidly approaching and electors have difficult choices to make. During my campaign, I have had a chance to meet most of the candidates for Council and one common denominator always stands out in conversation; we all want to contribute to the well-being of Kimberley. Therefore, the primary decision for electors when choosing Council Members comes down to whom they believe will listen, wade through conflicting arguments, and make decisions that will best serve the ENTIRE city.

Shortage of qualified child care, housing challenges, and aging infrastructure are just some of the multi-layered issues we face and they all have costs. Attracting business and industry that adheres to green initiatives with sustainable designs incorporated into the natural landscape is a great way to start. New business brings more money into the tax base which can be used to fund services; lessening the tax burden on homeowners. By working together, we can strike a balance that maintains the natural beauty of our area and broadens our business community, while continuing to provide recreational opportunities for all to enjoy.

A happy and healthy community is one that recognizes that for individual needs to be met, compromise and balance are essential. As a member of Council, you can be assured that I will do my absolute best to listen, examine the facts, and make decisions based on maximizing benefits while minimizing costs.

This is our home, a it’s a great place to be.

Michelle Nex

I am Michelle Nex, a mother of three and grandmother of two, who grew up in Sooke on Vancouver Island. I made Kimberley my permanent home 16 years ago and chose to raise my family here because I was impressed by the warm welcome I received when I arrived, both by newcomers and long time residents, and I was impressed that business was still done the old fashioned way - on a handshake.

I also believe in supporting local businesses as much as possible. As the old saying goes, use it or lose it.

I’m the the owner of Blondie’s Karaoke, as well as part owner of a commercial building in Kimberley and am also employed part time by the Rocky Mountain International Student Program and have hosted students from around the world for 13 years.

I believe that Kimberley needs to re-achieve self-sustainability. Aging infrastructure needs to be replaced and funding is an issue. I feel that rather than raising taxes for property owners, Kimberley should continue with working to attract new businesses and green industry so that the tax base can be expanded and diversified.

I am also strongly committed to working with the city and provincial government to help address the critical lack of rental housing because it has become a very real and pressing matter for many residents. It saddens me to know that we have families wo are homeless, not because they are bad tenants or can’t afford to pay, but simply because there is a lack of available housing.

Darryl Oakley

The citizens of Kimberley are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of British Columbia. We enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a safe community that is the envy of many people around the world. We need to stay focussed on rebuilding our cities infrastructure so that healthy Kimberley remains “Healthy”. Having new pipes in the ground means that fresh, healthy water coming out of your tap will remain just that - fresh and healthy. Rebuilding storm drains allows the city to plan for the realities of climate change with accompanying sporadic - but intense - storms. New sewer lines means fewer backups. In addition, rebuilding our recreational assets - whether it be soccer or baseball fields, trails or buildings - lets everyone know we are preparing Kimberley for future generations. After all, Kimberley is experiencing slow, steady growth of about 200 people per year, so we need to prepare the city as it will approach 9000 people in the coming decade. And we need to do this within our fiscal means. Its a challenge - but doable.

Wendy Qureshi

Wendy Qureshi’s family history is long in Kimberley; her grandfather settled here over 100 years ago, and her father, Jack Ratcliffe, sat on Kimberley City Council for 30 years.

She retired to Marysville three years ago, and she believes being retired gives her the time that is needed to devote the time necessary to be an effective Councillor.

She has previously run for office in Vancouver, although was not successful.

“I wasn’t elected but I wasn’t at the end of the pack either,” she said. “Politics are totally different there. I wasn’t in support of the rampant development. There was too much development happening too fast, displacing people from their houses who can’t afford market costs.”

“Council has done a good job with tax reductions to encourage development. I am also in favour of selling the SunMine, it should be expanded and Teck has agreed to do so. The City should be in the business of running the City.”

“The Cranbrook commuter bus is a great idea and it keeps getting better and better,” she said. “I think we need to keep people out of their cars, and the bus is especially important for seniors who are retired and have money in their wallets.

“In the long run we need to continue to encourage seniors to move here. It’s the perfect place for people that golf and enjoy the arts, we need new people to contribute to the community and add to the camaraderie.”

“I am very proud of our arts community and I support the arts,” she explained. “People are moving here because of our vibrant arts scene and we need to continue to promote and support that, especially with seniors.”

Sandra Roberts

As Election Time fast approaches, I’d like to reiterate the position that I have been taking regarding being a Councillor since I was first Elected in 2014.

I am proud of the fact that at Council’s direction, our Chief Administrative Officer completed a thorough Service Review as he and his Managers worked to create a Strategic Business Plan based on the five general directions provided by Council. This plan included as General Categories: 1. Find New Revenue, 2. Plan for Infrastructure Renewal, 3. Find cost savings and be Financially Accountable, 4. Enhance City of Kimberley Communications, and in general 5. Improve Customer Service.

If you pick up a copy of last year’s Financial Statement (2017) you will find that we have been extremely successful in achieving most of the goals set out 3 years ago.

Going forward, I would like us to keep our nose to the grindstone with Economic Development and continue creating good policies and updating bylaws that make Kimberley a wonderful place to build a business or a home. We should, as much as possible within the Community Charter, remove obstacles that may have caused some projects not to go ahead in the past.

I’m very proud to say that our Governance process at council has worked well for all of the residents of Kimberley. If you feel as I do about our momentum going forward, I ask you to consider placing a vote for me. I will work hard to serve you well.

Steve Royer

My commitment is to work together with everyone, to ensure that Kimberley is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable for all, both now and for future years. A few areas I feel that we need to focus on are:

1. Housing and Rental Needs: If we’re going to encourage new businesses and increase employment we will require more housing and affordable rental units. With my back ground as a licence property manager for 17 years, dealing with over 300 rentals yearly, including strata corporations, I have the knowledge and experience to bring forward to improving the housing and rental market.

2. Flat Tax: This tax is a regressive tax. It shifts the tax burden from the higher value homes to the lower value homes. According to the 2017 financial report, 26% of collected property taxes are flat taxes. In past five years, the flat tax has decreased steadily. If elected, I would implement a further decrease of the flat tax. We will need to increase the amount of residential properties and homes so that we have a broader scope to share the tax dollars.

3. Infrastructure Improvements: Our community still has a lot of old pipes and worn out streets that are in desperate need of replacing. A 35 million dollar sewer plant will be needed very soon. We will need federal grants to assist us financially. As a landscaper I would like to assist in improving our streetscapes. I want to make these improvements and find a way to do it without increasing our taxes.

Jay Simon-Cumming

My name is Jay Simon-Cumming and I am one of your candidates for City Council in this years municipal election.

I’ve lived in Kimberley since 2008 after a brief two year stint in Cranbrook. I came to the west from southern Ontario. Like many of the people who have relocated here, my intentions were to be here for a year. In that year, I met my wife Erica while at college and fell in love with the outdoor recreation opportunities that we all enjoy here. With that, we’ve never left.

We purchased a home in Kimberley 6 years ago and it has been interesting to watch all of the changes around town in the ten years we’ve been here. The platzl was an underutilized space not that long ago and has since flourished into a vibrant a bustling space; where locals and tourists alike can shop, eat, and if you time it right, see a show.

I want to be a part of making this town even better. We have a very deep collection of talented people in Kimberley. Many of these people are making their way to Cranbrook and elsewhere for work. I want to help encourage new entrepreneurs to open up shop in our town. More business takes away the tax burden from homeowners and gives more of us a chance to cut our commute down to minutes, which buys us more time to spend chasing our hobbies.

On October 20th, vote Jay Simon-Cumming for council. Thank you.

Carolyn Grant

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I have been with the Kimberley Bulletin since 2001 and have enjoyed every moment of it.
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