12 city employees making six figures

The City of Cranbrook has 12 employees on staff who received remunerations of more than $100,000 in 2013.

Arne Petryshen

Townsman Staff

The City of Cranbrook has 12 employees on staff who received remunerations of more than $100,000 in 2013, with the highest being $162,861 paid to the Director of Finance and Computer Services.

In total, 37 employees grossed more than $75,000 in 2013, totalling approximately $3.5 million. The city paid $6.5 million for workers earning $75,000 or less.

The information is produced in accordance with the province’s Financial Information Act, which requires corporations like the City of Cranbrook to prepare and make the information publicly available. The information was included in the council agenda for May 26.

At the top of the pay scale was Wayne Staudt, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Finance and Computer Services, who grossed $162,861.

Next is Fire Chief Wayne Price at $132,774.

City engineer Jamie Hodge gross income was $120,653.

Director of Corporate Services Roy Hales made a total of $109,190.

In total, the city has 12 employees who grossed more than $100,000 in 2013. Those include the above mentioned as well as five firefighters, the Information Systems Manager, Financial Services Manager and Director of Public Works.

There were another nine employees in the $90,000 range, including the Human Resources Manager, the Trades Manager, the Economic Development Officer, the Director of Leisure Services and a number of firefighters.

There are 12 employees in the $80,000 club, including the Senior Planner, the Project Manager, Systems Administrator, the Municipal Clerk, the Informatics Manager and a couple firefighters.

Above $75,000, there is the Corporate Communications Officer, the Facility Operations Manager and an electrician.

The city also paid approximately $2.3 million for the employer share of employee benefits.

Mayor and council remunerations cost the city $169,953 and $27,238 in expenses.

The mayor received remunerations of $53,319, while councillors received $19,439.

Remuneration includes salary, overtime, gratuity and vacation payouts.