“The Perch” par 3, one of the new holes underway at the Kimberley Golf Club and the future site of a hole-in-one contest, where members of the club will get a chance to win a car from Cranbrook Kia if they can make an ace. Photo courtesy of Purcell Golf.

“The Perch” par 3, one of the new holes underway at the Kimberley Golf Club and the future site of a hole-in-one contest, where members of the club will get a chance to win a car from Cranbrook Kia if they can make an ace. Photo courtesy of Purcell Golf.

2022 membership drive kicks off for Purcell Golf at the Kimberley Golf Club

Purcell Golf and the Kimberley Golf Club have announced the launch of their 2022 membership drive, which this year runs alongside a monumental year for the course, as it gets two new holes added to coincide with the construction of the Purcell Collegiate School.

“Our goal has always been to engage a transition plan for golf course operations during school construction that mitigates inconvenience and maximizes benefit,” said Duncan MacLeod, president of Purcell Golf’s parent company Purcell International Education as well as Purcell Collegiate Incorporated.

”We believe we’ve done that and realized some exciting extended opportunities for golfers in the process. We could not be more excited about the 2022 season as a result.”

Ron Osterkampf, vice president of the Kimberley Golf Club, added he feels the transition plan for the 2022 season is “excellent.”

“It will provide members and visitors with minimal disruption and two new holes to enjoy, one of which is likely to become our signature hole,” Osterkampf said. “The views from the tee box and on the green are breathtaking.”

Construction plans have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in construction for the golf course and the school being conducted at the same time, rather than consecutively.

“Instead of building and completing the new holes prior to commencing the construction of the school,” MacLeod explained, “PIE and PCI are working closely with the Kimberley Golf Club to undertake simultaneous construction projects coordinated as follows:

• Construction of two new golf holes and one new tee box (already underway) to be completed in time for the start of the 2022 golf season: 1) a permanent par 3 tentatively called “The Perch” located behind the 11th green; 2) a temporary par 3 tentatively called “The Nursery,” located adjacent to the 16th fairway; and 3) a temporary tee box for #12 located between the 11th green and the new “The Perch” green transforming #12 into a par 5; 

• finalize design for a total of six new permanent holes and commence construction on three of them (one par 4, two par 5s) on the floodplain located below holes #12 and #13 adjacent to the St. Mary’s River to be completed in time for the start of the 2023 golf season; and

• commence construction of Purcell Collegiate School on holes 7 and 8 beginning October 12, 2021, the day after the course closes for the season toward opening the school in September 2023.

From an operational perspective at Purcell Golf, these plans will manifest as follows during the 2022 golf season:

• holes 7 and 8 will be replaced by “The Perch” and “The Nursery” and hole 12 will be extended to a par 5 to ensure and enable 18 holes of quality golf being in play at a par of 71;

• holes 7 and 8 will become an active construction site with special provisions in place to accommodate golfers, particularly on hole 6 where some netting will be required on the east side of the fairway and an access road built to cross it about 100 yards from the green; and

• construction of three permanent replacement holes will be taking place on the floodplain below holes 12 and 13 with construction access via a road west of the 14th tee box resulting in minimal to no disruption in play.

From the start of the 2023 golf season, the course will play as follows:

• the new flood-plain holes (par 4, par 5, par 5) will be ready for play and, along with “The Perch,” will comprise the four new holes required to replace those removed for the campus (6, 7, 8 and 9);

• hole #12 will revert to a par 4 and the course will play to a par of 71; • hole #6 will be removed from play and incorporated into the construction plan for the school;

• hole #9 will be removed from play from the Lone Pine north and incorporated into the construction plan for the school; a 19th hole (par 3) from the Lone Pine or possibly the former 8th tee box to the 9th green will be added until such time as school expansion requires that land, creating a 19th hole; and

• the hole known as “The Nursery” may also be retained as an extra hole to permit refurbishment of other holes (TBD).”

MacLeod said these plans support an “exciting and vibrant future” for the Kimberley Golf Club at Purcell Golf. The future will also see the addition of three more new holes, a new driving range and eventually a new clubhouse.

“The completion of construction for and commencement of operations at Purcell Collegiate School is the key driver for this long-term vision to provide a world-class golf experience at small-town rates in the context of a 100-year-old membership club steeped in history and central to the culture of the golf course, the community, and the unique nature of the Purcell Collegiate campus,” MacLeod said.

The 2022 membership drive kicks off Friday, Aug. 20. Current members will receive information directly from the club pertaining to membership renewal, while new members are able to buy memberships in the pro shop from Aug. 20 onwards.

New members have two special offers available to them if they sign up and pay before Sept. 30 — a 20 per cent discount on membership cost and free golf per their 2022 membership terms for the remainder of the 2021 season.

Additionally, all members in good standing as of May 19, 2022 will be able to compete in a hole in one contest tentatively scheduled for May 20, 2022. This is exclusive to members and will take place on “The Perch” par 3 hole. This will serve to introduce the hole to Kimberley residents and the broader North American golf community.

The event is sponsored by Cranbrook Kia and the first hole-in-one will win a new car.

“It’s a new era at Purcell Golf and for the Kimberley Golf Club. Even before the new holes were commenced, significant investments had been made in capital improvements,” said director of golf Simon Jones.

“Our clubhouse and pro shop have been renovated and we’ve got a fleet of new golf carts. In 2022, with the first two new holes coming into play, we will be taking things to the next level.”

For more information contact proshop@purcell.golf or call 250-427-4161.


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Site plans for the changes coming to the Kimberley Golf Club, owned and operated by Purcell Golf and the future home of the Purcell Collegiate School. Image courtesy of Purcell Golf.