A long road for Jenna and family

Fundraiser planned at Sully March 9 to help with medication costs

Kimberley’s Jenna Homeniuk with her medical team in Calgary.

Kimberley’s Jenna Homeniuk with her medical team in Calgary.

There is some very good news for all the friends and supporters of Jenna Homeniuk, the 15-year old Kimberley girl who has been receiving treatment for leukemia in Calgary since last August.

Jenna has now been discharged from hospital and is at Ronald McDonald house in Calgary with her mother, Paula. And best of all, Jenna is expected to return home to Kimberley early this spring.

“Jenna and her family are excited to return to Kimberley so they can thank the many people and businesses in person for all the support she received,” said family friend Shari Lamarche.

However, Jenna and her family will have to continue to rely on support as the cost of her medication could be as much as $4000 a month. Having been discharged from hospital and  being seen as an out-patient, Jenna’s drugs are no longer covered, though she will continue to need them for at least another year.

Lamarche says Paula, who has stayed with Jenna through the entire ordeal, quitting her job to do so, has no income coming in, no extended benefits, and has paid $2000 for Jenna’s medication in the last two weeks.

“The community’s support is needed again and is so appreciated,” Lamarche said.

A big fundraiser is being planned at the Sully Pub on Saturday, March 9, 2013. It’s being called Chop your Locks or Brave the Shave.

Organizers are looking for as many people as possible to cut their long hair short or shave their signature facial hair.

Participants can pick up pledge forms at the Sully pub or Black Bear Fitness. For more information call Shari at 250-432-9513.

“A portion of the money raised from this event will go to a children’s charity of Jenna’s choice,” Lamarch said. “The family wants to give back as well, as they are aware many other families are also in need.”