A long road

Convincing the province on St. Mary Lake Road may prove difficult

The efforts to get the province of British Columbia to reclaim responsibility for the St. Mary Lake Road could be a long road to nowhere.

When Mayor Ron McRae told Council that he was going to approach the Ministry of Transportation around responsibility for St. Mary Lake Road, longtime Councillor Albert Hoglund’s advice was ‘good luck, but don’t hold your breath’.

It seems that advice was sound.

“I was part of the Regional District of East Kootenay presentation to the Ministry,” McRae said. “Jane (Walter, Area E representative) and I got three minutes. They took notes. They seemed somewhat interested but there was more interest in the Elk Valley floods and remnants of that.”

Still, McRae says the City won’t give up. City staff will be meeting with local Highways staff soon around a number of issues and will bring it up again.