Another candidate in provincial election

Semi-retired businessman from Fairmont to try for MLA seat in CR-R

Earl Olsen

Earl Olsen

What’s driving Earl Olsen to enter the political arena for the first time is a belief that the people of Columbia River – Revelstoke need more of a choice in the coming provincial election.

“I’ve never run for anything, not even student council,” Olsen said. “What draws me is moving to the valley (Fairmont Hot Springs) in 2006, coming from Alberta which was booming, and talking to a lot of folks. I could see what was happening. Kids are leaving because they can’t have a career here.  It’s one of the best, most beautiful parts of the world, but we can’t keep our kids here.  There has to be another way rather than spending more money, taxing more people.”

Olsen says he chose the relatively new part, the Conservative Party of BC because he appreciates their platform of lower taxes, careful spending and core values.

“The Conservatives value representatives who represent their constituents first and the Party second.

“I think the Conservative Party offers the best option for the future. I don’t think that anyone needs ten more years of the Liberals or NDP.”

When asked about splitting the right-leaning vote away from the BC wLiberals, Olsen says that’ s not a concern for him.

“We don’t have a two party system. Votes get split all the time. We’re offering people a chance to make a choice, a chance to choose a government that is focused on the issues, focused on providing solutions that don’t involve jacking taxes.”

Olsen says he will be participating in the candidates forum in Kimberley on April 30.