Another Kimberley deer encounter

Aggressive deer danger to kids, Kimberley resident says

It’s International Newspaper Carrier Appreciation Day on October 13, but one Bulletin carrier didn’t feel terribly appreciated the other day.

Isabella, age 8, was delivering her brother’s route in Marysville the other day when she came upon an extremely aggressive doe. Isabella’s grandpa, Ernie Plante, says there were two fawns further down the street, but Isabella was not in between the doe and her fawns.

“The doe was using her hoofs, being very aggressive,” Plante said.  He says the doe definitely advanced on Isabella as if it was going to attack.

“Isabella ran away and she wasn’t hurt. But she was really shaken up. It was very scary for her.”

He and Isabella returned to the house in his car, hoping the deer would back off, but it was still in the driveway and wouldn’t back off.

“We tried to scare her off, but she wasn’t going anywhere,” Plante said. “It seems late in the year for a doe to be that aggressive about fawns.”

Plante just wants to remind people, especially those with smaller children, that aggressive deer are everywhere and to be cautious.

“I read about the dog that was killed in Townsite,” he said. “I sure would hate to see someone’s kid get badly hurt.”

Plante, who has lived in Kimberley for 35 years, says that he has noticed a definite pattern of aggression in deer over the past five years or so.

“I never had any problems years ago but their behaviour is so much different now. I love the deer too, but I don’t like them in town, especially with my grandkids out there.”

Plante says that he has counted as many as 22 bucks in his front yard at one time.

Anyone having an encounter with wildlife of any kind is asked to report it to the province at  1-877-952-7277. The City of Kimberley is also interested in hearing about conflict with deer. You can call the City at 250-427-5311.