Bears on the move in Kimberley

With hibernation looming, bears are being spotted all over Kimberley.

The cooler mornings with a hint of frost are a reminder that fall is right around the corner.

And another sure sign that summer is over is the increased number of bear sightings all over Kimberley.

Shaunna McInnis of East Kootenay Wildlife Aware says that it’s almost as if a switch was turned when September arrived.

“Starting on the first of the month the bear sightings started pouring in,” she said.

In Cranbrook, Wildlife Aware reports bears near Jim Smith Lake and around Pinewoods.

And in Kimberley? Everywhere. McInnis warns especially of aggressive/habituated bears near Morrison Subdivision and in Lower Blarchmont.

McInnis says it’s common for bears to come down to lower elevations searching for more food in these months before hibernation. They are looking for berries but will eat anything enticing, including garbage.

There are several things you can do to keep bears from stopping by your property on their wanderings. First of all, lock up you’re garbage. If you have fruit trees in your yard, pick them. If you are out walking, especially in the early morning or evening near dusk, keep your eyes open.

And always report any encounter or incident to 1-877-952-7277.