Bikes okayed for Kimberley Platzl

Cyclists will be allowed to ride in central fire lanes.

Last month the City of Kimberley Planning Department used Survey Monkey to ask Kimberley residents and visitors their thoughts on the Platzl.

The survey generated over 500 responses, 529 to be exact. Eight of those responses were in paper, the rest online.

The purpose was to find out how Platzl users felt about the presence of cyclists in the central fire lanes, which City Council had been testing after a request from cyclists last spring for more access.

Mayor Ron McRae said that using Survey Monkey worked very well.

“What’s really important is that it was very positive, there were not a lot of negative comments at all. Overall, it appears people are fine with bikes.

“That’s what spurred the survey was the issue of bikes and we will now look at amending the bylaw so cyclists can ride in the central bike lane.