Blue Dot events are taking place across the country

Blue Dot events are taking place across the country

Blue Dot Day in Kimberley

The right to live in a healthy environment will be celebrated April 19

Connect the Blue Dots is a national day of action to celebrate — in a compelling, visible way — the growing number of Canadians who believe in the right to live in a healthy environment.

A national day of action celebrating the growing movement is a powerful way to keep the momentum strong and show Canadians that lasting change happens when everyday people come together.


There will be Blue Dot gatherings in communities across the country, including Kimberley,  on April 19.


Kimberley’s event is being held at Rotary Park from 12 to 3 p.m.

“We are a community that is very much outdoors, we have tons of hiking trails and a wide selection of activities people partake in. Being a small community we take pride in being environmentally friendly,” says even organizer Gina Morris. “Having fresh water, clean air and good food is important for everyone’s health. Let’s make this event something everyone can enjoy, we will meet at Rotary Park and walk, ride, run.”

Please contact the host if you have questions on the event or are interested in volunteering at or  250-427-2302.