Blue recycling carts to be delivered to Kimberley homes over the next two weeks. Black Press file photo.

Blue recycling carts to be delivered to Kimberley homes over next two weeks

Contact City Operations if you haven’t got your cart by Aug. 22

The time has come and blue recycling carts will start to be delivered to Kimberley homes over the next two weeks to prepare for curbside recycling, which begins on Aug. 31.

The 240-litre wheeled carts will be delivered to every residential property by City of Kimberley contractors, with all carts scheduled to be delivered by Aug. 21.

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The carts will be placed at the end of each drive way or walk way and residents are asked to remove them from the street until their first scheduled collection day.

Each cart is tagged with a specific tracking number that corresponds to each individual household. Information guides are included inside the carts themselves which will let residents know the pertinent information regarding collection schedule and routs, cart placement instructions and what they can and can not recycle with the bins.

“We ask residents to review the information on materials they can recycle in the cart and familiarize themselves with what they shouldn’t be putting inside,” said Nik Morissette, Manager of Roads and Solid Waste with the City of Kimberley. “It is very important to avoid cart contamination that can be a safety issue for collection staff and that will reduce our ability to effectively recycle appropriate materials.

Morissette added the City will be monitoring the carts regularly in order to ensure residents are using them appropriately, utilizing their tracking numbers to help track contaminants back to individual households so they can then provide more education or enforcement as needed.

Residents can take items that aren’t recyclable with the blue carts to the Recycle BC Depot at the Kimberley Transfer Station.

“We thank residents in advance for helping our team avoid cart contamination,” Morissette said.

Further information on the recycling program can be found at

If you do not receive your blue cart by Aug. 22 contact City Operations at 250-427-9660 or


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