Break in at Kimberley Underground Mining Railway

Thieves cut power, phone lines, took cash from donation box and float

Unknown persons broke into the downtown station of the Kimberley Underground Mining Railway sometime over Sunday night (June 12) railway volunteer Dan Jarrett told the Bulletin, and took between $400 and $500 in cash.

“We locked the doors on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.,” Jarrett said. “Des (McKay) went up to water the plants late Monday afternoon and saw that a window had been smashed. She opened the door and there was glass all over the place. The donation box was empty, we’re not sure how much was in it.

“Des had to leave to call me because there was no power or phone. They had pulled out the Smart Meter and cut the lines to the phone and security cameras.”

In addition to the funds in the donation box, the thieves also took a $300 float in the cash box from the retail area. With no power, all the frozen novelties in the fridge were lost as well. Jarrett says those were worth about $200.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Jarrett said. “We are volunteers and we work our butts off and someone takes our money. It doesn’t go over well with us at all.”