Brent Bush runs for Kimberley City Council

City of Kimberley: Brent Bush seeks return to council after one term break

Brent Bush

Brent Bush

A familiar face from the East Kootenay political scene will be entering the race for a seat on Kimberley City Council.

Former Councillor Brent Bush (2008-2011), and also a candidate in three federal elections in the Kootenay-Columbia riding, has announced he will seek a return to Council.

Bush believes his political experience, along with his political science degree will allow him to bring a sense of balance and clarity to the many issues facing the community.

“I understand how important it is to work with the senior levels of government, especially when it comes to project funding from the province and the feds.

“If elected it will be my intention to focus exclusively on municipal politics for the next four years”, he said.

“Besides, I think I’m a little too independent minded for Party politics. You can be sure of one thing however. As important as it is for the Mayor and Council to work together as a team I will never hesitate to speak my mind on the issues.”

Bush feels one of the biggest issues facing Council is how to control the rising level of municipal taxes.

“I understand the pressures our community faces regarding deteriorating infrastructure and a limited tax base but the citizens of Kimberley and in particular our seniors, are quickly reaching the point of taxation saturation. If you are living on a modest fixed income with perhaps a pension cola of one or two per cent yet local taxes are rising four or five per cent a year, it’s unsustainable and that’s not right.

“We can’t continue to tax and spend, something has to change. Mayor and Council face difficult spending decisions in the years ahead and I want to be part of that discussion. We need to build a community we can all afford to live in.”

Bush has lived in Kimberley for 18 years and has always been active in the community, irst as a founding member of Kimberley Search and Rescue, then as a director at the Food Bank and later as Chair of the Kimberley Affordable Housing Committee.