Brown baggin’ it

November’s Mayor’s Brown Bag Lunch cancelled due to Remembrance Day

Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick has been brown bagging it once a month since his election almost a year ago — setting aside an hour  and a half the second Wednesday of each month to talk with residents about what’s on their minds.

McCormick, and CAO Scott Sommerville take questions and answer them to the best of their abilities right on the spot.

The mayor says there is still plenty of enthusiasm at the lunches.

“About half of the folks are new each time,” he told Council last week. “People know they will be heard. I continue to be amazed at the discussion. It’s really interesting.”

Wednesday, November 11 would have been the regular brown bag lunch, but due to the Remembrance Day holiday, it will not be held.

The next Brown Bag Lunch is Wednesday, December 9th from noon-1:30 in the Council Chamber at City Hall.