C Can construction for Kimberley

New Marysville coffee shop will be constructed with shipping containers

It may not look like much to start

It may not look like much to start

Kimberley approved the go ahead of a development permit for a coffee shop in Marysville that will be utilizing a different type of construction. The proposed coffee shop will be constructed of C Cans.

Coun. Albert Hoglund said that on first hearing, he was pretty skeptical that you could make an attractive building out of steel storage containers, but after further conversation with the City’s planning department staff, he allowed that they do look nice.

“We would be going above and beyond what we’ve allowed in the past,” he said. “What if someone wants to put one in the Platzl? On first look, I couldn’t see it but Troy (Pollock, Manager of Planning Services) says there are stipulations we can put on it about appearance.”

“C Cans are a much more popular trend for building now,” Pollock said. “In this case, four separate containers will form one shop. They will be significantly modified with windows throughout and a roof top patio. It’s certainly not a traditional building for Kimberley.

“But it’s ahead of the curve. You might see more. Because of the modifications proposed we think it’s not going to be obvious to an untrained eye that it is a C Can.

“I’m not going to say everyone will love it, but that’s what a development permit is about. Plenty more details will come forward at the building permit stage.”

“I like it,” said Coun. Darryl Oakley. “You can get as creative as you want.”

Mayor Don McCormick said the important thing was there was someone who wanted to invest in a new building/business in Kimberley.