City chooses grant project

city of Kimberley will seek grant for two pressure stations and water pipe replacement

A couple of months ago, MP David Wilks visited Kimberley City Council to advise on availability of federal funds for municipalities and which funds may be best for which project.

He also advised Council to narrow their projects down to two and then one.

Council and staff have now made that decision. Kimberley has narrowed their wish list down to one project, which they feel they have the best chance at.

That project is two pressure-reducing stations, one for Townsite and one for Blarchmont, along with galvanized pipe replacement. The pressure stations would reduce pressure on water mains.

“It’s a very exciting project,” said Coun. Darryl Oakley. “These two pressure reducing stations could save us huge headaches. After you reduce pressure, you can really see where the leaks are. I really hope we get this.”

This is a one million dollar project and the City has committed $333,333 in their 2015 to 2019 capital budget.

It will likely be some time before grants are announced, said City CAO Scott Sommerville, maybe into late summer.