City contractors dewater biosolids at Wastewater Treatment Plant in Marysville in order to reduce odours over the longterm. Kimberley Bulletin file.

City conducts Wastewater Treatment Plant de-watering process

Odours from plant may increase temporarily, but work will decrease smells long term

Contractors from the City of Kimberley will be de-watering biosolids throughout the week of Oct. 4 in order to attempt to reduce stockpiles at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Marysville.

This work will “dramatically reduce odours” in the long term, according to a City press release, but could temporarily increase malodorous smells in the area.

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This job will also ensure that the plant is compliant with the Ministry of Environment’s permit requirements.

To do this, workers will place the biosolids into holding containers, where they will remain until the liquid has all been removed.

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This liquid will then be returned to the plant for treatment, and the dried biosolids will be transported by truck to the Central Subregion Landfill in Fort Steele.

In the past, the City would compost the biosolids, but a recent amendment to the operating permit no longer permits that process. Due to this, the City terminated all on-site composting and the resulting buildup of biosolids has caused the increased odour problems in the area.

This current de-watering program will help to mitigate these problems going forward.


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