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City of Kimberlely’s snow removal plan

City snow removal at work. Bulletin file

Kimberley City Council received the 2023-24 Snow and Ice Management Plan at their regular meeting on November 14, 2023.

The plan is adjusted slightly every year in order to provide the most efficient level of service with the resources and equipment available.

Ryan Reynolds, the City’s new Manager of Roads, delivered the plan to council and says there are no major changes.

Snowplowing in Forest Crowne has been extended as a new subdivision is being built. Access to the ski hill will become a priority route on weekends, meaning it will be plowed first. And some new equipment is being added to the fleet, a new grader and skid steer.

Kimberley has a team of 12 operators on the snow removal team and Reynolds says that six of them, like himself, are new. There is a lot of training involved as the learning curve is steep, he says.

Snow removal plan

The City has two specific plowing routes — priority and standard.

The priority route focuses on clearing hills and major access routes to all neighborhoods, and is followed any time a change in conditions necessitate its use. This route generally employs between three to five operators and takes approximately six hours to complete, depending on conditions.

The standard route is a methodical schedule that ensures every street and lane is planned for clearing over a 72 hour period. This route is followed after the needs met by the priority route have been addressed, and is typically completed on regular shift hours. The standard route employs up to 12 operators and may take up to 72 hours to complete, depending on snow conditions and not including off-duty hours.

If another snowfall occurs before crews have been able to clear all residential streets, the main streets and major routes are cleared again.

While the city does clear some sidewalks and trails, in general keeping sidewalks around private buildings and businesses clear is the responsibility of the owner.

Other responsibilities to assist the city in timely snow removal include:

• Remove all unused vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. from the streets, and insure they are not blocking clear passage in lanes.

• Park vehicles off City streets and avenues while snow removal is in progress or when snow removal signage is in place.

• Remove snow and ice from sidewalks fronting their properties.

• Stay well back from sand trucks and plows. Remember that snow plows are heavy vehicles with limited visibility. Be patient and keep a safe distance behind snow plows and sanding equipment. Drive cautiously and defensively.

• Advise children not to play on or in snow banks adjacent to roads and to remain well away from snow removal equipment.

Anyone with concerns about snow removal should direct inquiries to the city’s Operations Department at 250-427-9660 or report online at

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