Tourism Kimberley file.

Tourism Kimberley file.

City of Kimberley announces Conference Centre operating agreement with RCR

RCR to take over for the Kimberley Community Development Society

KIMBERLEY, B.C. – The City of Kimberley is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) to manage and operate the Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Centre (KCATC). The KCATC has been managed and operated by the Kimberley Community Development Society (KCDS) for the last 6 years.

The Operating Agreement between the City and RCR is for a 5-year term, with a renewal clause for a further 5-year term. RCR has held the contract to provide food and beverage services at the KCATC since it opened.

Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick states, “This partnership with RCR has two very exciting aspects. The first is for Kimberley taxpayers. Because RCR are responsible for all operating revenues and expenses, the $100,000 plus annual subsidy by the City of Kimberley is now gone; which had represented a full 1% our tax rate. The second aspect is for the business community who have benefited from the conference attendees spending money in the community. RCR have the sales resources, money and marketing engine needed to grow the conference business within Kimberley.”

Kimberley’s Economic Development Officer Kevin Wilson said, “Thanks to the Staff of the Kimberley Community Development Society, who have been operating the Conference Centre for the past six years. They have been responsible for growing the business to nearly 8,000 room nights and have had a local economic impact of more than $1.1 million annually. This has created a solid reputation for the new operator to build on.”

RCR will begin operating the KCATC in January 2018, and will continue to attract para-alpine and alpine events, weddings, conferences, and other visitation to Kimberley.