City of Kimberley, contractor will negotiate on flume delay costs

Process will go to negotiation as per phase II contract

The construction crew working on the form work

The construction crew working on the form work

The flume rehab project, which was scheduled to be finished by the end of October, is now looking at an end of December finish.

Further to that delay, the contractor, CopCan, has submitted a letter to city hall detailing delay costs of $187,019.

Earlier this month, City CAO Scott Sommerville said that the City was not inclined to pay those costs.

The City has opted to go to the negotiation process outlined in the Phase II contract to settle the request for additional funds.

Earlier this year, when there was a danger of the project not proceeding, a price of $2,882,560 was negotiated with the contractor for the completion of the flume rehab.

The latest update on flume work was delivered to Council at their regular meeting this past Monday, November 23. The report noted that the upstream side of the project was done except for the water still being on bypass, which will remain in place until the downstream side is finished as well.

Downstream the drop structure (waterfall) and the work on the Wallinger Pond is complete The existing concrete flume structure has been removed and the new concrete flume work is underway. Concrete for that was poured on Monday.