The City of Kimberley announces the launch of their newly designed website at

City of Kimberley launches newly designed website

The City of Kimberley has announced the launch of their newly redesigned website, found at the same address

The city said that after spending months of research and consultation, they have made the site more streamlined and straight forward and made key improvements to navigation that will allow users to more easily access the information they seek, and to make it easily accessible across all platforms and devices.

“Municipal websites are very complex and over the years, the City of Kimberley site became somewhat unmanageable,” said Pamela Walsh, Manager of Community Development and Communications.

“We spent months learning about how residents use our site and what information matters most to them. That data helped reshape the website into what we feel respects all users time and abilities. We hope people feel the same and look forward to more feedback.”

Other important changes include:

•Simplified website content structure and navigation to make it easier for users to find important municipal information

•Refreshed site design with new layout that is optimal for all device screen sizes

•Upgraded software platform for optimum performance, security and longevity

•Increased access to online payment and reporting options, easy registration links for aquatic activities and increased information on resident participation in municipal matters

The City thanks the team from East Kootenay-based web development company Breeze Digital, who spearheaded this project.

There is an online form found on the site with which you can share your thoughts about the redesign.