City of Kimberley looks at service review

The plan is a full service review but cost effectiveness an issue

One of the key points in Mayor Don McCormick’s election campaign was the need for a full independent service review that would look at every aspect of City operations.

That is still the intent, McCormick says, but there is also a question of the review costing more than it is worth.

“Scott (CAO Scott Sommerville) has looked at  what other communities have done and some spent more on the review than they were able to save,” McCormick said. “Right now we are looking internally based on best practices from the Auditor General.”

McCormick said last week that the internal review had found about $130,000 in expenditure savings.

The intent is to do an independent, external review, but it must be approached with caution, the Mayor said.

“You have to bring in a team and once they get there the meter is running. We have to make sure that any money spent gets us the best result.”

In addition to a service review, city staff is busy searching and filling out grant applications.

“We’re just trying to get as much money as possible,” McCormick said. “We are turning over every possible grant rock.”